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Calling all sub-agents

ASIS India has launched an exciting initiative to work closely and build long term relationships with sub-agents across the country on a number of student recruitment platforms.Sub-agents play a vital part in the way we assist and support students on their journey. The partnership between ASIS India and sub-agents aims to:

  • Connect ASIS India to schools in order set up UCAS centres.
  • Arrange walk-ins for UK, Irish, US and Mainland universities
  • Assist with recruitment of students into schools in the UK
  • Work closely with Indian schools with a British ethos such as King’s College, India
  • Promote ASIS tests – BUSSATS (British Universities and Secondary Schools Achievement Tests) to prospective students
  • Promote the use of BUSSATs in schools as a benchmarking tool
  • Explore possibilities to use the facilities of sub-agents as a test centre

To find out more about becoming an approved ASIS India sub-agent, contact us.


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