Who we are

A global organization with a focus on improving learning opportunities for young people across the world.

At ASIS, we are passionate about holistic, British-style education that has a worldwide reputation for quality and our aim is to make this kind of educational opportunity available to students wherever they come from. Our talented team is headed by the visionary David Boddy, former Headmaster and Chairman of the UK Society of Head-teachers.

In India especially, our goal is the development and management of progressive international schools and higher education centres; that are marked by their high degree of specialization in certain domains – whether it be music, sports, theatre or more – and are sought globally for their outstanding learning environments.

Our service delivery, primarily concentrated in the Indian market, has gradually achieved global presence over time. Our offices are situated in London and India. We also deploy regional representatives in the Middle East, China, Turkey, USA, and Nigeria.

Our Core Team

Meet the Team

David Boddy

Head- Overseas Education & New Projects

Rajeev Tandon

Managing Director

Mark Eagers

Lead Curriculum Consultant

Wasif Ali

Head New Projects

Suzie Oweiss

Academic Director