India’s K-12 education sector is a promising and growing segment. With more than 250 million students enrolled in 1.5 million schools, it has the highest number of schools and students in the world. Government and government-aided comprise more than 70% of the schools with 22.4% of the schools being from the private unaided segment. Though, the quality of education provided by private schools is far superior to government schools. This is evident from the fact that 22.4% of private schools enrol 35.4% of the students. Rising income levels, rapid urbanization and the need for quality education have also led to a spurt in demand for international schools affiliated with international boards like IGCSE and IB. International board schools have grown manifolds in the last few years.

  • IB Schools have grown from 138 in 2018 to 200 in 2021 (45% growth
  • Cambridge Schools have grown from 415 schools in 2018 to 542 schools in 2021 (30%)

Campus Partners initiative by ASIS 

ASIS India has launched a new initiative, “Campus Partners, where it envisages investing in schools that are already operational or under construction. The objectives are:

  • Financing the schools for operations/refurbishments/constructions in existing operational or semi-greenfield projects
  • Buyout already operational school
  • Upgradation of schools that are aspiring to compete with international schools
  • Support in school operations
  • Help with bringing foreign brands