Why study in UK school?

Some of the benefits the student gets by studying in a UK Boarding School are

  • Gets holistic education to grow & study in a multinational & multi-cultural environment.
  • No requirement of IELTS or any other English exam to enter into these schools
  • No requirement of IELTS or any other English exam to enter into these schools. Just a simple online common admission test also known as BUSSATs
  • An Indian student studying from a UK Boarding School does not need IELTS for entry into UK Universities (after studying for a minimum of 2 years in UK)
  • Some specialized courses like Medicine are not open to Indian Students from CBSE or State Board. This does not affect the student studying from a UK School in International Curriculum
  • Initial Advisory Meeting

    We engage with our students during our initial consultation, to equip them with a broad overview of the general educational delivery in the UK and also help them prepare an initial checklist. This initial session is free of charge.

    We work very closely with large number of independent Boarding Schools in the UK. These schools accept our admissions process and work closely with us to reward good students that apply through us via scholarships. (We can support your search beyond our tied up schools also but it will be a paid service)

    Our aim is to match the Child’s aspirations & current academic levels with those schools which can help improve the child in all respects. We understand the needs of the prospective student and then recommend schools which can fulfil such needs.

    A dedicated consultation can then be availed by paying specified “Processing Charges”.

    Our Paid Counselling Services include:

  • Assessment of the child’s academic potential on a common assessment platform accepted by almost all Independent UK Boarding Schools.
  • A quick Skype by our Admissions Panel to understand the student’s future needs.
  • A brief note on the available options and the next steps involved in attaining your intended goals is provided.
  • Helping the parents and student to select the right school.
  • Getting application forms submitted to school and follow up for closing admission loop.
  • Supporting parents in finalising school & payments process.
  • Getting admission letter from school
  • Supporting parents through entire visa process#
  • We expect parents to obtain school reports and related data about academic and extracurricular activities undertaken by their child. We pay special attention to social, art and sports participation and achievements as key factors in the admission process.

    The consultation process takes place at the Delhi office or at our partner locations (if there is an office in your City). We also offer Skype consultation for clients located outside the city.

    Click here to register for the School Finder service and pay Processing Charges.
    For other details, please contact us by filling in the enquiry form and we will contact you within 48 hours.