The ASIS Journey

At ASIS, our services are not just limited to undergraduate academic placements. We value the importance of postgraduate study and encourage students to attain at least two degrees in succession.

We assist with the admissions process for universities in the USA or to commence study in Ireland from start to finish, including planning your application, advising on requirements for internships and providing guidance about the required work experience. Further, we help you establish close contact with high calibre international universities and assist you with costing and interview preparation.

As one of the most outstanding study in USA consultants in Delhi, we help you get realistic study plans, either directly or through placements at European campuses at a cost structure defined as per European currency. Using this approach our clients save thousands of dollars as the study abroad placements are charged at the same rate in Euros as the overall degree from an Irish or European university.

Postgraduate Scholarships

Similar to the undergraduate placements process, we also facilitate the postgraduate study process. Our connections with international universities in the USA, UK, Ireland or other parts of mainland Europe are highly attractive to interested students.

Our partnership with universities offering scholarships for high calibre students helps them reach their full potential by helping them to make the right choices in the academic domain.