A Federation of British Boarding School

ASIS provides maximum convenience to students and their parents interested in international academic study in the UK. Besides our engagement with individual British schools, we facilitate more focused academic engagement through a Federation of top British Boarding Schools. Each of the schools which is part of the federation offers high-quality education in the form of academic and pastoral programs aligned with scholarships for international students traveling to study in the UK.

ASIS also oversees the delivery of BUSSATs, which are versatile entrance tests accepted by every school in the Federation, and by many more schools. Parents have the advantage of paying a one-off registration fee for their child to sit the BUSSATs, which eliminates the need for multiple entrance examinations.

ASIS provides a comprehensive service both for students looking to study abroad and their parents, and for families relocating to the UK. Our consultation services ensure that parents are equipped with the necessary information to make an informed choice about which is the right school to meet their child’s educational requirements.