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BUSSATs Test for study abroad scholarship
PSAPI for scholarship for Indian students


BUSSATs are a unique method of evaluating the academic ability of students seeking admission to British schools. The tests are designed to provide a reliable way of assessing whether a student meets the entry requirements of the school they wish to enrol in. BUSSATs have been developed to be taken at 11+, 13+ and 16+ and act as important qualifications which will provide increased credibility to a student’s academic records for the duration of their education career.

BUSSATs serve as indispensable performance indicators when applying for jobs, internships and study abroad scholarships for Indian students. Students can get access to their individual academic index scores, which act as a base for UK schools intending to offer a place to students with the right PSAPI score.


BUSSATs help you to
• Obtain a placement in your school of choice
• Demonstrate your true academic ability to schools and colleges
• Achieve your academic goals throughout your education by providing proven academic credibility
• Achieve an independent academic score, which is not tied to a specific school or education body and which is a key factor in successfully navigating the application process.
• Compete on a global level with other students possessing BUSSATs scores
• Obtain study abroad scholarships


BUSSATs represent a series of internationally recognised qualifications which will help secondary school students build up an impressive CV prior to university admission.  BUSSATs scores also provide proof of academic ability in relation to future employment prospects and applications for study abroad scholarships for Indian students.

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