I would like to send my son/daughter to a school in the UK. Where do I start?

Taking the first step is always the hardest so let us make it easier for you. Fill in the enquiry form and let us talk to you, find out what your requirements and expectations are. We will advise you step by step accordingly.

Which documents do you need from me?

To get started, we need a copy of the student’s passport as well as the latest school reports as well as any supporting documents such as extra certificates in music, sport and IELTS.

Do you work with all schools or only particular ones?

We work with all schools in Britain depending on your needs. We have very close links to schools within our ASIS Federation but we also work with day schools, preparatory schools and others.

Do you only work with boarding schools?

No we place students in all sorts of schools. We work closely with families relocating to the UK and have very good links with day schools. We also place students in language schools as well as summer schools.

How do you evaluate how good a school is?

Many schools have their own index scoring (PSAPI) and with that we can assess what a school’s performance is like. We do a great deal of research and review each school we work with. Our experiences as heads, admissions tutors and school reviewers means that we can analyse every school and choose the best for all our students.

Can you help us with finding accommodation near the school?

Yes we can. We have a number of associate companies which we can recommend to you and they would be able to help you independently.

Can you help with visa enquiries?

We can refer you to visa advisers and lawyers who specialise in student visas and can highly recommend them. We at ASIS are not visa agents and cannot give official visa advice.

What about guardianship?

Every student who is under 18 coming to study in the UK is required by law to have a legal guardian. We have a number of reputable companies which we use and can recommend. We also have good links with AEGIS who can advise you accordingly.

How do you assess every student?

We have our own achievement tests called BUSSATs www.bussats.com. They are tests taken at 11+, 13+ and 16+. We are also developing an 18+ test as well as a test to assess a student’s ability to move on to a career in medicine or law. For more details on BUSSATs, please visit our website www.bussats.com

How can my son/daughter take your entrance exam?

You can register online by filling in the contact form or via our BUSSATs website www.bussats.com You can also simply send us an email.

Can you advise us on Foundation courses? Or just university entry?

Yes we can also advise on Foundation courses also. We offer support and help at all stages of education from starting school all the way to postgraduate studies, internships and careers. We also offer a host of student support packages. These can be found here.

Can I apply for a scholarship? How do schools decide about offering scholarships?

Yes you can apply for a scholarship. Once you take our BUSSATs tests, the relevant schools assess our findings and look at your previous school reports then make a decision whether they would consider you for a scholarship, and if so which kind.

Can I get practice papers for the entrance exam?

Yes you can. Contact us at www.bussats.com for more details

How quickly can I get my result?

Once you sit the tests, you receive an initial score immediately, then we send you more detailed results shortly afterwards.

How long does it take to find a school?

It varies from one school to another but we endeavour to make the journey process as smooth and quick as possible.